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Car - Passenger Ferry

Car Ferry Hellesylt Geiranger / Geiranger Hellesylt

The ferry trip between Hellesylt and Geiranger takes about an hour, and from the ferry you can enjoy the magnificent scenery. The mighty waterfalls "Dei sju systrene", "Bruresløret" and "Friaren", which from dizzying heights plunge down vertical mountains and meet the water of the dark fjord.

You can use the ferry with a car or as a passenger return or one way. See timetable.

For those who stop with the cruise ship only in Hellesylt and want to go to Geiranger, it is important to book a place so that you can get to Geiranger and back at the right time.

This gives you the opportunity to see the Geiranger Fjord and take part in excursions in Geiranger and spend a few hours in Geiranger. Here there is also a nice waterfall walk, several good restaurants and the World Heritage Visitor Center

Remember to book your return trip because the ferry can be sold out within a day.

All pre-booked vehicles and their passengers must be present in the correct lane on the ferry quay 20 minutes before departure time. If you arrive later, we cannot guarantee that you will get a place on board.


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