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Boat Transport to Skageflå

Combine a fjord cruise on the Geirangerfjord with a hike to Skageflå mountain farm on this great tour! We take you on a magical fjord cruise on the Geirangerfjord and drop you off at Skagehola where the unforgettable hiking trip to Skageflå starts. The mountain farm Skageflå is situated 250 steep meters above the Geirangerfjord has become the symbol of the fjord farms in Norway.

Tour description

The tour starts with a sightseeing boat on the magnificent Geirangerfjord from Geiranger harbor. On the fjord cruise you get close up to the many beautiful waterfalls and the lush world heritage vegetation. In Skagehola (on the return) you get off the boat to take the Skagestøl hike. From the dock at Skagehola, you follow the small, but clear path that winds up to the farm. This section is steep, but on the most exposed parts, steps have been made, and the trail secured with railings. (45 min)

At the farm, you can relax in the grass and enjoy the view. Skageflå is quite possibly one of the most scenic places you will ever visit. From the farm the trail wraps around the fjord all the way back to Geiranger via Homlongsætra and Homlong. (4 - 4,5 h)

You can also choose to go back down to Skagehola and use the pick-up service with our Sightseeing boat. The pick-up service is included in the same ticket.

Safety note: All hiking is at your responsibility. Use common sense when you are in nature. Only go on the hike with firm footwear (hiking boots) and enough to drink.

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Tour description

The trip starts by boat out of the Geirangerfjord from Geiranger. In Skagehola you hop ashore and take the path that winds up the mountainside. The terrain is particularly steep, but on the most exposed sections, steps have been cut out of the rock, and the path is secured with railings. This is a much used trip, also by families with children, but smaller children should not be allowed to go alone. It takes approx. 45 minutes up to Skageflå, and 2-3 hours further to Homlong.

You pass beautiful viewpoints along the way, and up on the farm it is purely majestic with a view over the fjord and the 'Seven sisters waterfall' (Knivselvane).
From Skageflå (250 masl), the path continues in steep and partly airy terrain up to Homlongsætra (544 masl). Along the way you pass the mountain tufts on Bjønnastien.

From Homlongsætra to Homlong, it is a more straight forward path that goes all the way just inside the cliff edge towards the fjord. Along the path there are several marked cultural monuments.
You are at your own risk. Show consideration for nature and the surroundings. Remember drinks, good footwear, and be careful!

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  •     Skageflå and the other fjord farms in the area are privately owned. Show consideration and respect when visiting.
  •     You can not camp on the infield there (= grassland around the houses), neither with a tent nor a hammock, without your permission from the landowner (Cf. Friluftslova).
  •     Grilling must only take place in a suitable place. Make sure you have properly extinguished after you. A fire on the fjord farms can be catastrophic.
  •     There is a toilet on Skageflå, but no toilet paper. Bring your own and preferably antibac, for infection control purposes.
  •     Travel as considerably as possible: Clean up after yourself and bring your own rubbish out with you.

These are vital steps we all need to make in order to preserve access to the fjord farms into the future. THANKS


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