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Fjord Music

Experience the music of the famous Geirangerfjord performed in spectacular surroundings by local, professional musicians.

The music of the fjords of Western Norway reflects its breathtaking surroundings with high mountains and deep waters. A beautiful, but also brutal nature. The people of these fjords have depended on nature for hundreds of years. As a result, traditional music from this part of Norway is filled with clues of this way of life. Listen, and you can hear calling for cattle on the hillside, a chuckling mountain creek, and the roaring thunders of harsh weather, threatening the lives of fishermen on the fjord, and their cottages on the mountain top.

A sustainable and exclusive experience.

The music you will hear has travelled only short, and so also the musicians. We offer you a unique meeting with musicians living and working in the tiny villages along the fjords, and your participation in the concerts is also supporting the uphold of life and culture here. The programs presented will be exclusive and individually put together for your group.

Programs and venues:
Concert in Sunnylven church - Sunnylven church (Hellesylt) from 1859 is closely connected to the famous norwegian poet Henrik Ibsen, and thereby also with Edvard Grieg. You will hear famous pieces by Grieg and traditional music from the Fjord performed by three professional local musicians with deep local knowledge.

Concert in Geiranger church - In this 40 minutes visit to the historical Geiranger Church, you’ll be presented to the fjord music and learn to know its temperaments, its people and the surroundings it is inspired by. The three local professional musicians performing the Fjord concert also present music by the famous Norwegian composer Edvard Grieg. Grieg grew up in Western Norway and was very much influenced by folk music and by the norwegian nature.

Concert on the ship - As a very special experience we can offer concert onboard a ship either while staying in Hellesylt or Geiranger, or even while sailing from Hellesylt to Geiranger. We suggest that you choose the observation lounge or similar as venue so that the guests can enjoy the wonderful view while enjoying the music. The music presented is closely connected with stories from past and present lives and destinies along the fjord untold elsewhere, and this will be an unique experience. Languages: English, Deutsch

Duration: 30-40 minutes
Price: From NOK 13.200,-
Booking minimum three weeks before concert date.
For booking inquiry and other questions, contact:


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