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Skageflå Fjord Farm

The fjord farm of Skageflå has a very special aura around it. The well restored farm sits 250m aboves the Geirangerfjord. It is a popular destination due to its access and views.

Skageflå was considered a large farm in the local community. During their highest production they fed around 120 dairy goats here, and also had 20-30 sheep, 6-8 cows and 1 horse!

Skageflå was evacuated in 1916, but it continued to be harvested until the end of the 1960s. The hay was transported on a trail down to the fjord and rowed over to Grande or into Homlong.

Norway's queen Sonja has a special relationship with Skageflå, having visited the farm several times. The Queen and the King even celebrated their silver wedding anniversary in 1993 together with guests from all the European royalty. In the summer of 2006, Queen Sonja unveiled a special plaque at the farm to celebrate the Geirangerfjord becoming a UNESCO World heritage area

The quickest way to Skageflå is by boat from Geiranger. The hike from the boat dropoff to Skgeflå farm is not long but very steep. It takes about 30-45 minutes to climb up to the farm. You can choose to hike back down and be picked up again by boat, or continue the hike from the farm over teh mountain track to Geiranger. This can take as long 3-4 hours depending on conditions. Ask for track status and conditions at the tourist information center before leaving.


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